Press Reviews

“The latest film in Nivelli’s Singing-Series has just been completed under the directorship of Carl Boese. It is an uncommonly powerful drama… In this film Rita Clermont, whose huge and impressive talent is displayed, (in this) brilliantly executed double role. It will no doubt earn her sensational success… This film…  contains some technically sensational features like a cinema within a cinema and a thunderstorm shot outside in nature, both done to perfection and never been seen before”. Der Film 1919 (17), 1919-04-26

“…drama which shows good taste and artistry as far as structure is concerned… phantasy plays a major role… characterized by a clear, strong action line which builds tension right up to the end. Even though some improbable scenes were interspersed, the total good impression that the movie made, could not be destroyed. Short cameos at the beginning of each act are very effective, especially because they relate to the following scene and created a special atmosphere in an artistic way … Rita Clermont in the leading role… her excellent facial expressions and her natural way of acting have been known for a long time. Above all, her strength comes across in her wonderful eyes, which fascinates one endlessly”. Film Kurier (062), 1919-08-17


Rita Clermont – in a double role

Eugen Rex

Karl Beckersachs

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