Full Storyline

Geselle, a carpenter’s assistant, tries to catch the heart of his boss’s daughter with a special song he sings to her. He despairs when she ignores his advances and decides to venture into the world and look for happiness elsewhere.

He drifts from place to place, singing his song, but his loneliness remains. One day he finds a valuable string of pearls but even the riches he obtains from selling it, are short-lived when his money gets stolen.

Then, it seems his luck changes – he gets a post as a teacher to the children of a prince. One night, as he walks in the garden singing his song, the daughter of the prince is enchanted by him and later, in a masquerade ball, they are drawn together without even recognizing each other because of the masks. But misfortune strikes again when Geselle loses his position due to some misunderstanding and has to leave the palace. The two lovers cannot forget each other. Luckily the daughter finds him one day by chance and they escape to live somewhere where no one will find them. The prince sends search parties to look for his daughter. When they arrive at the small village where they are hiding, she hides in a dungeon. But, when she comes out into the daylight, fear strikes her and she collapses and dies.

Geselle, heartbroken, wanders again into the world looking for the ever-elusive happiness.

Press Review

“The Nivelli company has presented their second film in the singing series… the history of a man who sets out to seek his fortune is offered here in a new version with good taste and insight … This is a film which has a rich and warm atmosphere. With its vivid and ever-mounting tension, it contains all the elements of a good popular film. A. Ullman was responsible for the excellent and sensitive directorship and the overall artistic direction was in the hands of Max Nivelli. Carl Beckersachs and especially Rita Clermont as the main actors showed great artistic ability. This well-made film will no doubt prove to be a great success.” Der Film 1918 (45)

Full Cast

Carl Beckersachs – as Geselle

Rita Clermont – as prince’s daughter

Guido Herzfeld

Hella Thornegg

Max Lawrence

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