Welcome to the web-site of film producer Max Nivelli (1878-1926)

Nivelli was both an artist and an entrepreneur. His involvement in the film industry ranged from producing and distributing films, to writing scripts, singing, and even acting. He aspired for a world free from injustice and violence and used his films to promote these ideals and raise awareness of controversial issues such as anti-Semitism and political radicalization.

His career during the exciting “Golden Age” of cinema in Weimar Germany was cut short due to his untimely death, yet his legacy reflects both curiosity and desire to explore every aspect of being a filmmaker.

All the information presented here, which pertains to Max Nivelli, is based on direct and primary sources such as family records and photos, archival material and period newspapers, and in some cases, articles that reviewed his films.

Hopefully, people with an interest in Weimar Cinema can find here new insights into the fascinating years when cinema was born.

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