About this Website

This website is the product of several years of research into the life and work of Max Lewin-Nivelli who was a relative of mine. Although I worked in IT, my initial education was in Telecommunications and Film, and I have always been a movie enthusiast.

In our family, we all knew of my father’s uncle, who was a film producer in Berlin, and this has always captured my imagination. But, his untimely death between the two World Wars, kept him as an enigma. We had no other information regarding him or the fate of his family during WWII.

I started my research in October 2013, and an avalanche of new information ensued. I quickly found Nivelli’s descendants in Argentina and Spain and then, a fascinating story began to unfold. It was the life story of a talented man who had the ambition and the courage to follow his dreams. Since then, this journey has taken me to unexpected places and introduced me to people who are experts in the field of German cinema and who were kind enough to advise me along the way.

In this website, I wish to honor Nivelli’s memory and share some of the knowledge I have gained.

Kiki Harary
Ramat HaSharon, Israel
July 2020

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